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Latigo on Latigo 5/8″ Reins, Medium Weight #BLL1

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Description: I cut these doubled and stitched reins 5/8” wide. I make them in two lengths: 7′  for horses under 14.2 hands and 7’9” for horses over 14.2 (see dropdown for choices). These Latigo on Latigo  5/8″ medium weight reins have very good feel and body.

To make these reins I sew 2 pieces of latigo leather together with small, tight stitches. This makes the reins 9/32nd of an inch thick. All of the work is done by hand. I edge these reins by hand, rub them, oil them and rub them again.

How they work: This is my 43rd year making cowboy tack and I know which leather makes the best reins. I personally choose each hide I use to make sure you’ll have good even contact and communication with your horse. There are no gray signals with these reins.

These are my best selling doubled and stitched reins and are a favorite in the show ring. They will hold their flexibility and shape even in cold weather and they are built to last.

Try a pair; it will be the best pair of doubled and stitched reins you have owned, I guarantee it. Dennis