Pulling Breast Collar #BC4


Description: This Pulling Breast Collar is made of harness leather with a sheepskin lined leather chafe under the ring. The adjustable hold down strap and tugs are 1 inch wide. They run through the gullet and are buckled around the swells. The tug keepers are extra long on this breast collar so the ends of the tugs don’t interfere with your reins. The ring, dees, roller buckles and snap are all stainless steel. The leather is hand edged, hand-rubbed, treated with Neatsfoot Oil and hand-rubbed again.

How it works: A lot of riders, especially ranchers and ropers, prefer pulling collars over other breast collars because the pulling collar lies above the top line of the shoulder to leave shoulder movement completely unrestricted. This allows a horse to really power into the pull when roping. The tugs on this collar are extra long for plenty of adjustment to fit large to small horses. The hold down strap is also adjustable to fit small and large horses. It should be worn snug to prevent the pulling collar from moving up and cutting off the horse’s air during a hard pull.

This is a hard working and comfortable breast collar that will allow unrestricted shoulder movement on your horses. It will last for years of hard use regardless of whether you rope, ranch, trail or pleasure ride or all of the above.