Shaped Breast Collar #BC2



Description: This Shaped Breast Collar is made of harness leather. The body pieces are lined with burgundy latigo leather. They taper from 1 3/4 inches at center, to 1 1/4 inches at the Dees. This taper gives it its great-fitting shape. The leather below the center dee is lined with sheepskin. Each tug is made of 3/4 inch single ply leather and has 8 adjustment holes. The hold down strap is doubled and stitched 3/4 inch harness leather with an easily adjustable snap and buckle. The leather is hand edged and rubbed, treated with Neatsfoot Oil, and hand-rubbed again. The ring, dees, roller buckles and snap are all stainless steel.

How it works: This is my favorite breast collar. Firstly, it adjusts to fit almost any sized horse. For instance, it will fit a 2 year old colt as well as it fits a 16+ hand ranch horse. Secondly, the body pieces on this breast collar are shorter than other breast collars on the market. This allows you to use the tugs for adjustment, like they should be used. In addition, the shaped form fits a horse beautifully.

This breast collar is available in your choice of smooth or roughout leather (see dropdown).

Shown is Boyd Rice celebrating a win on Third Cutting in a #BC2 Shaped Breast Collar. Also shown is the 8″ Aluminum Shank Bit #B8 and the XXX Harness Leather Split Reins #ASR2. Alan Gold photo.