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Spanish Bit with Frog Mouthpiece #B92


Description: This beautiful handmade Spanish bit has 8 1/4 inch loose jaw shanks covered with hand engraved inlaid silver. The frog mouthpiece is 5 inches wide and has a 2 inch high port with a copper cricket. The cricket rolls beautifully and sounds soothing to the horse as well as helping to keep the mouth moist.

How it works: Both the shanks and the port are angled making the action in this bit slower than in a straighter shanked Spanish bit with or without a straighter port. The horse will also be able to hold his head more naturally in this laid over port than in a straight port making this a good bit for the two rein stage of training the bridle horse.

Also shown on the horse is the #HS51 Cowboy Headstall with Rawhide, the #CU21 Double Buckle Leather Curb, the #CCR1 Rawhide Romel Reins and the #BC7 Full Rawhide Breast Collar.