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Spanish Bit with Spade Mouthpiece #B91


Description: This beautiful handmade Spanish Bit with Spade has 8 1/4 inch loose jaw shanks covered with hand engraved inlaid silver. The mouthpiece is 5 inches wide and the spade with cricket is 3 1/2 inches high. The brace is wrapped with copper wire. The spade is covered in copper and with the copper wire on the brace helps to keep the mouth soft and moist.

How it works: Both the shanks and the port are angled making the action in this bit slower than in a straight spade bit. This was designed to be a real good spade to advance your younger horse to from the hackamore.

Also shown on the horse is the #HU1 3/16 Inch Bosalita#HS51 Cowboy Headstall with Rawhide, the #CU21 Double Buckle Leather Curb, the #CCR1 Rawhide Romel Reins and the #BC7 Full Rawhide Breast Collar.