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7″ Aluminum Shanked Bit #B9



Description: The 7″ shanks on this bit are made of aluminum which makes it lighter weight than a steel bit. It’s designed so the junction at the mouthpiece and shanks will never pinch a horse. This bit is available with your choice of 7 mouthpieces, all 5 1/8 inches wide (see picture). The #0 mouthpiece is made of soft rubber. All others are made of steel with inlaid copper strips to promote salivation. The #1 Correction mouthpiece is 3/8 inch in diameter, remainder are 7/16 inch in diameter.

This bit comes with the #51 3/8 inch Latigo Leather Bit Hobble with hand braided rawhide keepers, shown here.

How it works: The 7″ Aluminum Shank Bit is milder than a steel bit because of its light weight and works well to introduce your colt to a shanked bit from a snaffle or hackamore. This bit allows a soft touch to pull a colt around to teach him to turn and maneuver in a shanked bit. It also works well on many older, finished horses and helps keep them relaxed and light in the face.

Shown with mouthpiece #2B.