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8″ Aluminum Shanked Bit #B8

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Description: The 8″ shanks on this bit are made of aluminum. They are lighter weight than a steel bit which makes this a milder bit than a steel bit. It’s designed so the junction at the mouthpiece and shanks will never pinch a horse.

This bit is available with your choice of 9 mouthpieces. All the mouthpieces are 5 1/8 inches wide (see picture). All except the #0 mouthpiece are made of steel with inlaid copper strips to promote salivation. The #0 mouthpiece is made of soft rubber. The #1 Correction mouthpiece is 3/8 inch in diameter, the remainder are 7/16 inch in diameter. Make your selection in the dropdown.

This bit comes with the #BH51 3/8 inch Latigo Leather Bit Hobble, shown here.

How it works: Bits with aluminum shanks are milder than steel bits because of their light weight. This bit offers the ultimate in feel and control when you need a light touch but want the quick signal the 8 inch shanks provide. This is a nice switch when a horse needs a softer signal than a steel bit and it helps promote relaxation in a tense horse. It’s also great to lope in before showing. Many horses can be ridden continuously in this bit.

Shown is Gary Gonsalves riding Reyzin The Cash in the 2016 NCHA Super Stakes Finals with this Aluminum Shank Bit, Curb Strap with Flat Chain #CU10 and XXX Harness Leather Split Reins #ASR2. Photo courtesy of Mark Michels.

Bit is shown with mouthpiece #4F.