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Steel Long S Shank Bit #B3

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Description: This Steel Long S Shank Bit #B3 is made from high strength 4130 steel. The shanks are 7 3/4 inches in length and overlaid with hand engraved nickel silver. This bit is available with your choice of 2 mouthpieces (see picture). Both mouthpieces are 5 1/8 inches wide, 7/16th inch in diameter with 1 inch ports and have copper strips inlaid to promote salivation. The bit is NRCHA legal with the #4F roller mouthpiece and comes with the #BH41 Latigo Bit Hobble when the roller mouthpiece is ordered.

How it works: The length and slight angle of the shanks provides you with enough leverage for a quick response when the reins are pulled or released and will be a good step up if you need a quicker/stronger response than you are getting with a shorter shank bit.

Shown with mouthpiece 4F.