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Short S Shank Bit #B2

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Description: This Steel Short S Shank Bit #B2 is made from high strength 4130 steel. The shanks are 6 3/4 inches in length and overlaid with hand engraved nickel silver. This bit is available with your choice of 4 mouthpieces (see picture). All mouthpieces are 5 1/8 inches wide, 7/16th inch in diameter and have copper strips inlaid to promote salivation. The bit is NRCHA legal with either the #4B or #4F roller mouthpiece and comes with the #BH41 Latigo Bit Hobble (shown) when a roller mouthpiece is ordered.

How it works: Because the shanks have a slight “S” angle they allow the horse a short amount of time after reins are pulled to respond to the cue before the mouthpiece makes contact with the sides of mouth, tongue, and roof of the mouth, the headstall crown piece makes contact with the poll, and the curb strap makes contact with the chin. This is a mild solid shank bit that works well for many disciplines and on many horses.

Shown with the 4F mouthpiece w/roller.

Also shown on the horse is the Latigo Slide Ear Headstall #HS28,  Double Buckle Leather Curb Strap #CU21, and Rawhide Romal Reins #CCR1.