Long X Harness Leather Split Reins #ASR5


Description: Cowboys tell me these reins have a great feel to use one-handed riding across the pasture. This is a longer version of the X reins, averaging 7 1/2 to over 8 feet in length and 5/8 inch wide. These reins offer the flexibility of a longer rein without the added weight of the XX, XXX or XXXX reins.

Crafting: These are cut in pairs from the best hides, hand edged, hand rubbed, oiled and hand rubbed again for a great feel before the reins are shipped to you. This tight fibered harness leather will last for years of hard use. These are stamped  X on the ends, just like the Dennis Moreland X Reins, the difference is in the length. If you have any questions please feel free to call and we will “talk reins”.