XXXX Harness Leather Split Reins #ASR1


Description: If you like a long heavy harness leather rein, this is the best of the best: 8 + feet long and 5/8 inch wide. Perfect for work, pleasure riding or showing. I understand horses, and I know what it’s like to ride a tall one. Shorter reins just don’t cut it. That’s why I developed the XXXX Rein. They are more than 8 feet long giving plenty of tail for riding taller horses.

Crafting: Heavy harness leather bridle reins are very special to me. Every effort is made to give you the best rein you have ever had. I work closely with the tannery to get only the finest dense, tight fibered leather available. I cut the reins in pairs, hand edge, hand rub, oil and hand rub them again for a great feel before I ship them to you. This tight fibered harness leather will take some time to break in but will last for years of hard use. Please feel free to call and we will “talk reins”.