Ascencion DVD #G6


In the winter of 1969, 13-year old Ascencion Banuelos leaves his 13 siblings and his home in Lobatos, Mexico and risks his life to cross the river into the U.S. His perilous journey is driven by his desire to become a horse trainer. His hope to work with horses-magnificent creatures he had grown to love and understand, dominates his every thought. Ascencion believes all things are possible if he could make it to the U.S.

Watch the amazing story of the young boy who through years of sacrifice, hard work, and proving himself extraordinary in a world of ordinary becomes a world renown cutting horse trainer & competitor earning nearly 2.5 million dollars in competition, becomes a U.S. citizen and becomes the 1st Mexican American to be inducted into the NCHA Hall of Fame.

Like a WWII veteran, Ascencion has never talked about his struggles. This is his story of guts, grit and triumph as he broke through racial and economic barriers to set a new precedent in the competitive cutting horse world. This is Ascencion…the story of one man who refused to take no for an answer while following his dream.