Walker No Chew Lead Rope #ALR3


Description: This Lead Rope is made of white medium lay 1/2 inch nylon rope. The stainless steel bull snap is hand braided/spliced in and the tail is braided back to prevent unraveling. It has 18 inches of plastic cover at the snap end. The length is 10 feet before braiding, making it approximately 9 ft. 4 in. when it’s finished.

How it works: The plastic cover on the snap end of this lead shank his can be a great help in preventing horses from chewing on their lead ropes when tied. It works really well as a crosstie or hot walker rope also. The 1/2 inch nylon makes a good, stout, leadrope with plenty of flexibility to tie easily. You may see how to properly tie a lead rope by clicking: Take Me To Your Lead Rope.