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Rope Halter with Lead #AH1

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Description: The Rope Halter #AH1 is hand tied from one continuous 5/16 inch solid-braid nylon rope and comes complete with a white 1/2 inch Nylon Lead Rope #ALR2. There are no buckles to break or stitching to tear on these rope halters.

There is a size to fit every horse from a newborn foal to a large horse (see dropdown). The size suggestions given are an average for each height. Available in brown, blue, tan, green, purple, wine, black (shown in the color swatch) and neon orange and pink  (see dropdown to order color).

These halters are made with softer cord than most other halters. There’s still plenty of strength in this rope but it’s more comfortable and maintains the sensitivity in your horse’s face.

How it works: To see how to properly tie a rope halter visit the video or read my Tack Talk article The Rope Halter. You may also see how to properly tie a lead rope by clicking Take Me To Your Lead Rope.