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Steel Argentine Bit with Silver #A1



Description: The Steel Argentine Bit #A1 has 6 1/4 inch shanks. It’s made of high grade 4130 steel and overlaid with beautiful hand engraved nickel silver. Five steel mouthpieces are available (see picture). All are 5 1/8 inches wide and have inlaid copper strips to promote salivation except #42. Mouthpiece diameters are listed in the picture and dropdown.

Purpose: This is a nice mild shank and a good one to continue training with once your horse has advanced from the snaffle. It can often be used when a horse is having trouble or is resistant in a longer shanked bit and needs to come back to a milder bit with slower action for a time. This bit works well on many horses and is a great choice if you want one handy all-around bit in the tack room.

This bit comes with #BH51 Latigo Leather Bit Hobble with hand braided rawhide keepers. Shown here with #BH41 Latigo Bit Hobble.

Shown with mouthpiece #2B.