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DM Round Buckle Straight Cinch #20CSR



Description: These hand-tied premium-grade cinches are made of 31 strands of Mohair-blend cinch cord. Most cinches or girths have 27 strands of cord or less. The extra strands allow the pressure to be spread further and also feel better to the horse. It’s just a more comfortable cinch. The buckles are made from round stainless steel rod and are 5/16 inch x 2 5/8 inches. These cinches come with a nylon web center strap with 1 inch stainless steel dees and a nylon web keeper for the double off tails on the right side. Round ring cinches come in a variety of sizes to fit every horse (see dropdown).

How it works: This 31 strand cinch will not curl or stretch and will last for years. The carefully crafted buckles are designed to always pull straight to prevent galling. The round rings fit well on any horse but are particularly good on small and young horses. The round shape prevents a small horse from being rubbed behind the elbow by the edge of the buckle.  Watch the video and read my blog: How to Measure for Cinch Length to make sure you get a cinch that fits.

Dennis Moreland Cinches have been the top choice of professional horsemen for over forty years.