Sliding Gag Bit with Snaffle Mouthpiece #20

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Description: You have a choice of 3 snaffle mouthpieces and 3 headstalls with this Draw Gag Bit. The mouthpiece choices are a 3/8 inch common snaffle, a 5/8 inch common snaffle or a dog bone snaffle. See the photos at left, descriptions below,  and dropdown to order. You also have your choice of 3 headstalls (see photo). The first is a stainless steel twisted wire headstall which is designed for horses that need a very strong signal. For the more sensitive horse, a 3/4 inch harness leather slide ear headstall or a 3/4 inch brow band headstall are also available.

The custom designed bit slides easily on the hard lay nylon slide cord made especially for this bit. You will get quick and consistent cues from your reins because of the way the bit slides on this cord. The cord is attached to a stainless steel buckle which attaches it to adjustable single ply 3/4 inch harness leather cheeks. See the diagram at left to visualize this.

Mouthpiece choices:

#9: The Two Piece (common) Snaffle mouthpiece #9 is 3/8” in diameter. It works to give you a quicker and more consistent response when you ask your horse to give its head.

#52: The mouthpiece on the #52 common snaffle is 5/8” in diameter. The large diameter will help your horse relax. If your horse is anxious or afraid of the bit this mouthpiece may work very well. This bit gives a slower signal than a mouthpiece that’s smaller in diameter. This slower signal will help reduce anxious behavior.

#16: The 3/8” Dog Bone Snaffle. This snaffle really helps a horse relax because it is such a gentle mouthpiece. The extra link in the middle of the bit spreads the pressure from the rein signal more evenly across the mouth than a common 2 piece snaffle. The copper rings promote salivation and give the horse something to roll with his tongue to help him relax.

You may also order the Gag Bit with a twisted wire mouthpiece: #20-42 Sliding Gag w/Twisted Wire Snaffle or a link mouthpiece: #20-50 Sliding Gag w/Link Mouthpiece.

How it works: The Sliding Gag Bit puts pressure on the mouth and at the same time the headstall crown puts pressure on the poll. These 2 points of pressure increase control of the nose and improve total balancing power. With the increased control and balance you will gain vertical flexion and feel.

The draw gag bit strengthens your rein aids so your leg cues given at the same time become reinforced. This makes it easier for the horse to respond. You will be able to concentrate on fine details of your training, rather than large rebalancing or repositioning efforts. This gag bridle will improve your horse’s flexibility and increase his response to your cues.

The center bar on the bit cheeks limits the movement of the sliding mouthpiece. This limited movement provides a quicker action and a much quicker release than gags with longer shanks. Your horse learns that when it breaks at the poll the release will be instant, smooth and consistent.  Your horses will be calmer and more confident in training and competition when they are not trapped by a slow releasing gag.

Although this Sliding Gag is sold without reins, you can choose any Dennis Moreland split reins or roping reins for your sliding gag. To select your reins simply visit the rein category and add them to your order.

Seek the help of a professional as you are learning to use a sliding gag bit if you don’t have experience.