Sliding Gag Bit with Twisted Wire Snaffle #20-42

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Description: This Dennis Moreland Tack Sliding Gag Bit is built with a twisted wire mouthpiece. You have a choice of a stainless steel twisted wire headstall or, for the more sensitive horse, a 3/4 inch harness leather slide ear headstall or a 3/4 inch brow band headstall (see photo). The center bar on the bit cheeks limits the movement of the sliding mouthpiece to provide a quicker action and instant relief. The hard lay nylon cord allows the bit to slide easily. The cord is attached to a stainless steel buckle which attaches it to adjustable single ply 3/4 inch harness leather cheeks. The twisted wire mouthpiece gives a stronger signal than the common snaffle or dog bone snaffle and is very good to use if your horse has become resistant to giving his nose and/or lowering his head. This snaffle should improve stops in a horse that is trying to run off.

How it works: The simultaneous pressure on the mouth from the sliding gag bit and on the poll from the twisted, shaped, stainless steel or the leather crown increases control of the nose and improves total balancing power to produce the ultimate in vertical flexion and feel. Because your rein aids are strengthened with the gag, your leg cues given at the same time become reinforced and easier for the horse to respond to. You will be able to better concentrate on fine details of your training rather than large rebalancing or repositioning efforts regardless of your type of riding. This gag bridle is an excellent training tool for both young and older horses that need to improve flexibility and response. Your horse will learn that when it breaks at the poll the release will be instant, smooth, and consistent. Since these gags release so quickly your horse is not trapped in position while it waits for the release to occur. This helps horses stay calm and confident in training and also when they are in competition. The leather crown works well with this twisted wire mouthpiece on horses that want to drop their heads while continuing to pull on the bit.

Although this Sliding Gag is sold without reins, you can choose any Dennis Moreland split reins or roping reins for your sliding gag. To select your reins simply visit the rein category and add them to your order.

If you don’t have experience with sliding gags Dennis Moreland Tack recommends you seek the help of a professional who has experience as you are learning to use them.