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#2 Spurs with 1″ Wide Bands



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This #2 Spur with a 1 inch wide band will fit ladies boots size 6 to 9 or men’s boots size 8 1/2 and smaller.

This spur is shown with a #2 shank and a #2 rowel.


  1. You have selected the #2 Spur with a 1″ Wide Band (fits most ladies boots size 6 to 9 or most mens boots size 8 1/2 and smaller). If you need a different size, click here to select the band style and width based on your preference and boot size.  I offer this variety of custom crafted bands to fit various boot sizes. This insures that each pair of spurs will have the correct heel radius and proper band length to fit the boot they are ordered for. The size of the spurs can be adjusted slightly by bending the bands in or out with a vice.
  2. Second-Choose from the selection of shank lengths (picture at left). Shank length is measured from the band to the center of the rowel. There are four lengths and patterns to choose from (order in dropdown).
  3. Third-Select one of the nine rowels available in the selection box at left (order in dropdown). You may also ship Dennis your favorite rowel to be put in your spur if you prefer. Call Dennis for this option 1-817-312-5305. View the spur rowel category for more information on the available rowels.
  4. Fourth-Select whether you want nickel silver bars mounted on the bands of your spurs or enter up to 6 letters or email your brand to ( to be overlaid in nickel silver on the bands. It is $50 more for letters or brand regardless of the number of letters. Special order lettering/brand may take up to 6 weeks. The shanks will come with silver bars regardless of selection on the bands.

To summarize-all spur orders will have 3 numbers: the first is the band, the 2nd is the shank and the 3rd is the rowel. Most spurs are in stock and shipped immediately. In the unusual circumstance that a spur is out of stock, or if you have ordered your spurs with lettering or a brand, it will take 4 to 6 weeks to make.

If you have any questions or need help with your spur choices please feel free to call Dennis at 817-312-5305 or email Dennis