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Offset D Ring Snaffle Bit #19



Description: The D rings on this snaffle are made of  1/4 inch steel and are 2 1/4 inches in diameter. This Offset D Ring Snaffle Bit #19 is available with 4 mouthpieces, each 5 1/8th inches wide (see picture). Mouthpieces 9, 16 and 52 have inlaid copper bars to promote salivation.

How it works: Because the D rings on this snaffle don’t slide and the area of contact on the mouth is wider than on a ring snaffle this bit gives a stronger, quicker signal than a ring snaffle. The contact on the face from the Ds also helps the horse bring the opposite side of his face through a turn. This is a great bit to ride your colts in.

Mouthpiece choices:

#9: This steel 2 piece snaffle mouthpiece is 3/8” in diameter. This is a great tool for anyone who wants a quicker and more consistent response when a horse is asked to give his head.

#16: The 3/8” steel 3 piece dog bone is a very gentle mouthpiece and can really help a horse relax. The extra link in the middle of the bit helps to spread the pressure from the rein signal more evenly across the mouth than a 2 piece snaffle. The copper rings promote salivation and also give the horse something to roll with his tongue to help him relax.

#42: The 3/16th inch steel twisted wire is designed for the horse that has become resistant to the plain snaffle and needs a bit of extra signal on the corners of the mouth to respond correctly. This steel bit is especially built at this diameter to prevent it from pinching or grabbing the skin at the sides of the mouth.

#52: The 5/8th inch steel two piece mouthpiece is designed larger in diameter than the other mouthpieces. This will help the horse relax as the width allows a slower signal/action than the 3/8th inch mouthpiece when rein pressure is applied. This can also be a good mouthpiece for riders who have limited experience.

Although you should always check with show management, this snaffle with mouthpiece #9 or #52 is legal in AQHA & NRCHA snaffle bit classes.

Shown with mouthpiece #52