Harness Leather Reins

My single ply harness leather reins are cut in pairs from hides hand-picked just for my reins from the Hermann Oak Leather Tannery in St. Louis. I cut these reins 5/8” wide. That’s what customers tell me fits the best in their hands. Other widths are available by special request.

These reins have feel on the bit end, so the horse feels light contact in his mouth before the rein actually gets tight. I hand edge these reins, and then rub them with saddle soap, oil, and again with saddle soap. This attention to detail gives the edge of the rein a better feel in your hand.

The reins take some breaking in because of the dense, tight fibers in the leather but they will last for years and get better with age. Reins are cut in a variety of lengths depending on the length of the hide, so you will find whatever length you need here.

My reins are crafted with a particular end-user in mind. If you’re not sure which rein would best fit your needs, give me a call. I’d be happy to recommend a rein that I think would work best for you.

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