I personally choose each hide I use to make my split reins. This way I’m sure you’ll have good, even contact and communication with your horse. I’ve worked closely with the same tannery for years to find the highest-quality hides just for my doubled and stitched reins and harness leather reins. All of my reins are hand edged, rubbed with saddle soap, oiled and saddle soaped again to give the leather a tremendous feel in your hands. My reins come in a variety of lengths and widths to meet your needs. If you’re not sure which rein would best fit your needs, give me a call. I’d be happy to recommend a rein that I think would work best for you.

My hackamore reins and mecates are the perfect option for any hackamore, California bosal, or snaffle bit. My hackamore reins and mecates come in a variety of styles and lengths and will give you the best weight and feel of any reins you’ve had. You will get great response from your horse.

For those who show in the working cow horse, ranch riding, reining, horsemanship, and many other disciplines, or for those who just enjoy riding in romals or using them on the ranch, I proudly craft many types of handmade romal reins to suit your needs. These include rawhide, kangaroo, leather with rawhide buttons and cord romals with rawhide buttons.

I also have the perfect reins for anyone who competes in roping, barrel racing, and other speed events or anyone who just prefers riding with a closed rein. I have several types of roping and barrel reins made of harness leather, nylon, rawhide and latigo leather.