Sliding Gags

Dennis Moreland Sliding Gags are made with your choice of twisted stainless steel crowns or, for the more sensitive horse, leather crown headstalls. The gag bit is available with 5 mouthpieces. The simultaneous pressure on the mouth from the sliding gag bit and on the poll from the twisted, shaped, stainless steel or the leather crown increases control of the nose and increases total balancing power. This will help to reinforce the leg cues given by strengthening the rein aids so you can concentrate on fine details of your training rather than large rebalancing or repositioning efforts. The center bar on the bit cheeks limits the movement of the sliding mouthpiece to provide a quicker action and a much quicker release than full length gags. Your horse will understand that when it breaks at the poll and holds that break as it is flexing laterally the release will be instant. Sliding gag bridles are invaluable training tools for barrel racers, cutters, reiners, ropers and most other disciplines.