Dennis Moreland Tack horse bits are handmade in the shop by bit makers who have years of experience. Since we ride and show regularly we have a good idea of which bit will work well for your horse’s needs. These include Eggbutt, Offset D Ring and O Ring snaffles, swivel shanked bits, solid shanked bits, aluminum shanked bits, Spanish bits and gag bits. There is a large number of mouthpieces to choose from for each type of bit.

Because I do make a wide variety of bits to fit the needs of almost every horse I am happy to assist you if you have questions. Call or text (817) 312-5305 or email if you would like help. Let’s discuss your horse’s needs before you buy.

All Dennis Moreland Tack steel bits are made from high grade 4130 steel. The shanked steel bits are accented with beautiful yet very durable hand engraved nickel silver overlay. The mouthpieces are steel with copper strips to promote salivation. Shop today for yours!