Give your favorite person a special handmade gift from Dennis Moreland Tack!

The Ball Zipper Pull adds a really fun accessory to any vest or jacket. No worries if it gets tossed in the washer and dryer-it will come out as good as new. The key ring is a very useful gift for both men and ladies, hangs right on the hook, right where you put it. No more lost keys! It’s also something wonderful for that hard to buy for person! The letter opener can also be used for opening boxes, it’s always right at hand even when you can’t find your box cutter. Every cowboy can use the rawhide cream and it will sure be an appreciated gift-could be better than another tie! The cowboy yo-yo is addictively fun and perfect for any age (except very small children). Great for lots of laughs. The rawhide pen and case are very stunning and will be used with pride by their recipient. A Gift Certificate can certainly be a good gift for almost everyone, I have them in several denominations.

Get your special gift today, it won’t be forgotten and can be used every day for years to come!